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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Construction Field Managers: "Tablet Revolution" includes you!

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way almost every business does business.

The reasons vary but we can say that communication is at the heart -- whether you're presenting beautiful products,  providing information for off-site employees, doublechecking a phone number, photographing a problem ... business uses are as varied as the number of businesses. 
Construction field managers have had the opportunity to utilize mobile devices (remember PDA's?) for several years.  There wasn't a "standard" environment across devices, however, so scheduling programs typically had to be designed for a specific mobile device.  If you didn't have the "right"'d either have to change or add another device to your toolbelt!

Now, widespread acceptance of iOS and Android smart phones/tablets have encouraged/enabled developers to design for a large portion of the market.  Yes, there are others but -- at least for now -- iOS and Android are the major smartphone/tablet operating environments; lots of construction personnel already have them and scheduling programs need to be available across both platforms.

Why should Field Managers get enthused about CPS' new cross-platform FieldConnect Mobile? First, they're able to use phones and tablets they already have -- no additional expense.  Then, they can starting improving both their business processes and communications.  Current FieldConnectMobile builder clients report measurable critical business benefits: decreased cycle times and increased carry rates.  And, there are the "softer-side" benefits, too: ease-of-use, access to buyer/vendor data on the jobsite, better communications with vendors and the ability to incorporate "built-in" features such as cameras and voice recognition. 

We like to talk about "connectivity" -- and there are many components to that phrase.  FieldConnect Mobile changes the construction "connectivity" game with anytime/anywhere scheduling that works on virtually all of today's smartphones and tablets.  And, we'll be demonstrating these benefits at NAHB's IBS2012 in Orlando next month!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sales Training: How Do You Communicate Your Advantage?

Robert Clay, in his Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 & 2, suggests asking yourself, "Why should someone buy from me?"

Their unique Selling Proposition is very clear!
There are a number of components involved, in order to answer that question, including a Commitment Statement, a journey "Behind the Scenes," a Positioning Statement and an irresistible offer.  Have you developed any of those components? 

And, more importantly, how do your salespeople articulate these components?  Are they able to communicate your advantage to every prospect that walks in the door?  Interactive touchscreen systems can help; however, how your sales force addresses the components is critical.

That's where sales training comes into play! Everyone in your organization needs to be able to easily and clearly communicate your selling proposition -- and you need to be able to coach your agents through the communication process.

Are you attending IBS2012 in Orlando? There are a number of great Sales & Marketing seminars available at IBS and we'd like to suggest Pulse2012 - a free sales and marketing event featuring Jeff Shore -- a nationally know sales trainer.  Information is available here:

Monday, January 16, 2012

What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Why should someone buy from you?

Robert Clay, in his blog, Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 & 2, suggests that fewer than one business in a thousand can answer that question in a compelling manner. 

Are you that powerful number one or a member of the anonymous 999?
Don't you agree: there's a unique selling proposition here?
Can you tell someone what differentiates your business, what's unique, offering a superior benefit or providing something irresistible? 

There's actually at least two elements involved in that conversation: your actual unique selling proposition and how you tell that story.  We'll let you work on what is unique as we concentrate on telling the story.

Communicating your benefits quickly, clearly and effectively is critical -- and an interactive touchscreen will help.  Guaranteed.  Have you been in a sales location that has one?  It brings energy; immediately engaging visitors and getting them involved in your product. 

We're going to be at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Feb. 8-10.  Talking about our unique selling proposition as we demonstrate how we can help you communicate yours -- stop by!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Is Your Message as Compelling as Your Business Needs?

Great article by Robert Clay, Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 and 2. He suggests every successful business requires a strong, sustainable foundation. 
How unique is this? Your customer is defining their need!
A solid foundation needs to be able, Clay suggests, to express its business purpose in a fashion that is understood and shared by everyone in the business.  Otherwise, prospects and customers can't fully understand, appreciate or get excited about your product.

Clay goes on to suggest that the more compellingly the message is weaved...the greater the competive advantage and the better you'll be in the marketplace. do you weave the message? Step 1: Determine your customer's needs; and Step 2: Develop your unique selling proposition.

A well-designed interactive touchscreen goes a long way to helping with both Step 1 and Step 2! 

While it is possible to say: customers enjoy interacting with a touchscreen...what's really going on is the customer is defining their needs relative to what is being touched (which is your product).  They're  forming opinions: "This location is really great: the elementary school is only 2 blocks away" as well as making decisions: "I like Plan 2 better than Plan 1 because it has a separate laundry room." 

Boom: your agents have their prospect's needs being defined.  And, during this process, the prospect has been touching your unique selling proposition: whether it be location, features, floorplan or warranty.  And, they realize you are making an effort to make this process more helpful, a bit different and definitely unique!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jeff Shore's Nationwide Sales & Marketing Survey

Jeff Shore
With over 20 years of new home sales and Fortune 500 experience, Jeff Shore blends hard working, real-world expertise with humor, insight and wit in his unique approach to new home sales training.  CPS has sponsored several of Jeff's sales agent and management training programs throughout the US over the last several years. 

And, we're really excited about the latest opportunity to partner with Jeff during this year's International Builder's Show in Orlando.  Jeff is asking new home sales/marketing professionals to participate in a nationwide sales/marketing survey.  He'll forward survey results to participants as well as discuss What's Hot/What's Not in Orlando at a fun and free event scheduled for Weds., February 8 at B.B. King's Blues Club.

You're invited to participate: take a look at the invitation from Jeff here:

I am conducting a nationwide survey of New Home Sales and Marketing Leaders about what’s working, what's hot and what’s not – and I need your help! This anonymous survey focuses on industry benchmarks, key challenges and emerging trends that will enable all of us to grow and improve together in 2012.

Please know that I am doing this to better understand and share with you the current pulse of our ever-changing industry and not to solicit business. In fact, if you participate in our survey, it would be my privilege to send you a copy of the final survey results and analysis at no cost to you.

On top of that, I’d also like to invite you to join me for a fun, energizing and free event during the International Builders’ Show in Orlando on
February 8th at B.B. King’s Blues Club from 3:00 - 4:30 pm where I will present the results of The Sales & Marketing Pulse 2012.

So, if you are a Sales Manager, Director or Vice President, would you please take about fifteen minutes now to complete our survey? If you are a Sales Professional and you think your Sales Leader would benefit from this offer, please feel free to forward this email on to them! You can find the survey here:

My commitment is to make this small investment of your valuable time pay you a handsome return once the survey results are compiled. Thank you in advance for your time and best wishes for a very successful 2012!

Jeff Shore

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Changing Renter Demographics: What Does This Mean for Your Marketing Planning?

You've no doubt seen the headlines: "The Coming Rental Housing Wave" or something similar.

The time is now for multifamily housing and..statistics show that demographic trends and changing attitudes about home ownership are signaling not only increased demand but a change "in the contours of the rental base" according to Michael Cohen, senior real estate strategist at CoStar Group.

Is your marketing program reaching demographic interests?

What does this demographic change mean for your marketing plan?  As Cohen indicates, your prospect is no longer only a member of the 20/30 sector.  Cohen suggests 20 million rental  households are found in the 35-64 age range.

And, their approach to rental housing is different.  Frequently, this is a lifestyle change -- and they are looking for lifestyle in rental housing.  Are they close to shopping, dining, recreation?  What amenities do you offer?

And, how do you present this information?  We'd like to suggest an interactive touchscreen -- and the related content push to your website.  A well-designed touchscreen system engages your prospect, provides an interactive experience designed to showcase your property's lifestyle and saves time by providing inventory availability at a touch.  When your agents are busy, visitors can "self serve," too.

How is your marketing plan gearing-up for the changing rental demographic?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Content is King or...Building Your Competitive Advantage

The January edition of Entrepreneur Magazine has an interesting article by Ann Handley talking about the value of website content.  It suggests that customers will find you via search but..they do business with you because of your content.
Content..taking a visitor from lead to buyer


That concept suggests that content is more than a pretty face.  Content can take your visitor from lead tthrough the entire buying cycle.  Key: attracting and educating your website visitor initially and serving as an information resource during and after the purchase decision.

CPS likes to use case studies -- we find the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" to be more than an old wives' tale.  Entrepreneur suggests expanding the case study concept to help overcome objections early in the buying cycle.  Great idea for the first business day of the year!

How might you put that thought into action?

Many of our SalesTouch clients suggest their interactive touchscreen system purchase was made easier when they found out the same presentation can be incorporated into their website.  Share content; share costs.  Invite your prospect into the sales center and then provide more detailed information in person.  That's how to effective build trust with your prospects. And, we need to talk more about that as a competitive advantage!