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Monday, November 12, 2018

Home Builders: Delivering the Warranty Service Your Buyers Expect!

Home Buyers Want Convenient & Quick Warranty Service

Today, in the age of Amazon and 2-hour shipping, consumers have sky-high expectations regarding customer service.  And, that's regardless of industry says a recent Radial article.  Customer service is now a key differentiator at time of purchase as well as for after-sale referrals

Home Buyers Look For Personalized Customer Service

Home buyers aren't any different than other consumers when thinking about their post-closing warranty service.  Gone are the days of handwritten forms, snail mail and slow turnaround.

Your buyers want convenience and quick problem resolution -- in addition to an environment that is proactive with personalized service.

Self-Service Functionality Is Today's Customer Service Hit!

Self-service is reported as one of the hottest trends in customer care. Consumers love the idea of being able to quickly and easily meet their objectives -- from submitting a warranty request to checking status to being able to review the history of a service item.

Technology Enables Builders To Meet Buyer Expectations

Technology innovations and advancements enable builders to meet these home buyer expectations.  Take a  look at CPS' WarrantyWatcher software -- particularly the Portal -- as an example.  Watch the video here:

Homeowners are able to access the Portal via the builder's website -- 24/7, anywhere/anytime, to submit requests.  No more waiting until Monday morning or someone is off the phone or ….! And, homeowners are able to check request status at any time -- no more calling for info, back and forth voicemail, or missed calls.

The same self-service Portal is available for subcontractors.  Although formal work orders can still be sent via email, it's always possible to log-in to the Portal, download work orders, check associated drawings/photos and confirm availability. 

Self-service channels consistently outperform other channels in terms of consumer satisfaction. Your homeowners love self-service because it reduces friction and provides immediate and consistent answers.

Put Omnichannel in Place!

A builder website-based Portal provides for a personalized, omnichannel experience. That is, the Portal can fit into your business operations seamlessly.  Make it available from your website main page, skin it with your logo and colors, personalize it with team member photos.  It's all about winning and sustaining loyalty!

When Service Exceeds Expectations, Referrals Jump!

Remember: the #1 reason for homeowner referrals is keeping buyers informed during construction and post-closing!