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Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Marketing Trends - technology, agility, narrowcasting

Everyone has their Top 10 List -- and marketing is no different.  While it is probably true that the fundamentals of marketing are always going to be with us, it's important to keep an eye on what is currently activating the fundamentals for businesses or consumers.
Narrowcasting: the marketing tsunami trend

Here are a couple of ideas to mull over as to their impact and how your organization is responding to their emergence:

(1) Marketing technologists will emerge as digital marketing becomes more of a force. Forbes says we'll see new faces and skills enter with "heavy digital DNA and technology acumen and they'll be integrated seamlessly into our  marketing groups."

(2) Agility marketing will become more prominent with the rise of the short-term focus seen in social media.  Forbes notes, "the best marketers will have ever more consumer data, capable of faster adaptation, shorter lead times, and always-on, real-time marketing." What do you think of this focus on the next hour as compared to traditional month or quarter; can your organization support this demand?

(3) The marketing pendulum is moving ever faster from globalization to personalization.  Remember the old adage: All politics is local?  We're seeing the same thing in terms of marketing communication as consumers resist the traditional "broadcast" approach to marketing.  Call it narrowcasting or personalization but... it isn't a trend; Forbes says we're in the midst of a marketing tsunami in terms of both marketing entities and communications.

What trends are you seeing? CPS is moving further ever further into the mobile and interactive world for both business and consumer-facing applications.  An example: our SalesTouch interactive touchscreen product is designed around the concept of narrowcasting -- providing information in discrete pieces based upon consumer requests.  It's omnichannel, too -- available large-screen in sales/leasing offices, on tablets via download and over the web, as well.