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Saturday, December 23, 2017

New Homes Marketing Ideas: Highlighting Aging-in-Place Elements for 55+ Buyers

We noted, in a recent Solutions Blog, that today's home buying population includes three distinct demographics: Millennials, Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers.

And, we talked about the challenge for today's sales and marketing professionals: how to incorporate the shifts in economics, demographics and technologies into a meaningful sales office experience.
SalesTouch puts technology to work to suggest new life patterns!

Today's 55+ Boomer buyer is particularly interested in considering how their new home will offer quality aging-in-place.

In a sense, builders are evaluating and incorporating ways that design elements can change the pattern of life for homeowners -- thus helping homeowners live in their home longer.

What sort of design elements should be considered? Bonnie Lewis, founder of 55+ TLC Interior Design, LLC, notes in a recent 50plusbuilder article, "Key elements include creating open space..." She goes on to mention the importance of finishes, counters/countertops and overall planning for wider entries and more spacious rooms.

Lewis also mentions that furniture is a key element (both planning and type). 

Why not incorporate the importance of considering these design elements into your sales/marketing process with an interactive touchscreen system.  CPS' SalesTouch allows home shoppers to explore available floor plans, encourages them to evaluate structural choices (maybe the den option with double doors?) and try out new furniture configuration ideas with drag 'n drop furniture selection and placement.

Put technology to work and offer the sort of meaningful sales office experience your Boomer buyers want as part of their homebuying process!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adding Proactive To Retail Customer Service

How do you reach out to your customers to engage, interact, solicit opinions, gather information? Many of you might say email or email-based surveys; but...have you considered digital solutions at your location?

Active Listening at Whole Foods: An Opportunity for Conversation!
The days of the old, wooden suggestion box or tired-looking cork boards with faded and tattered flyers and weary, crumpled suggestion forms are long gone.

Today's digital solutions aren't just passively collecting information but have expanded to become customer experience zones displaying store specials, video and, even, websites. They offer a proactive engagement opportunity!

After all, the customer is at your location -- why not reach out and practice active listening?

Chris Lott, a CPS developer specializing in interactive experiences, says, "Take a look at the CPS Customer Comment Board where customers are empowered, given a platform to ask questions and provide feedback.  We've found they also offer ideas for new products, initiatives and improvements -- because they are being asked in the midst of their shopping experience!"

Lott goes on, "Most agree that customer service shouldn't focus only on 'putting out fires.' It's about developing relationships from the first point of contact." An on-site Board starts the conversation and encourages customers to engage with the brand and each other.

Where might such a Comment Board reside? Anywhere your customers interact with your brand, services and products!  Proactive interaction shows you support your customers and reduces the number of fires long-term. Here's your chance to create opportunities for conversation!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Yes! 55+ Home Shoppers Value Engaging with Interactives

Today's home buying population includes three distinct demographics: Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.
Every home shopper is looking for information!

Regardless of age, geography or economic status, home shoppers are empowered by an unprecented level of access to choice and information.

The challenge for today's sales and marketing professionals is to incorporate the shifts in economics, demographics and technologies into a meaningful sales office experience.

Zoe Miller, a principal at Computer Presentation Systems, says, "People ask us whether interactive touchscreen technology -- so  relevant for Gen Xers and Millennials -- would be used by Baby Boomers. We've found that Boomer home shoppers find CPS' SalesTouch to be an important part of their home shopping experience. They really appreciate the interactive floorplans with room options as well as drag 'n drop furniture placement as they are trying out new housing possibilities."

After all, it's not your father's (or mother's) sales office any longer! Home shoppers value a home shopping sales experience that allows them to dream and "make it their own." Boomers are the fastest growing segment on Facebook. Miller notes, "Regardless of age, home shoppers want information! Providing them with the ability to virtually walk the neighborhood and discover nearby shopping, dining and recreation -- and to explore community amenities -- answers their questions and moves them along in their decision-making."

Interested in finding out more about effective technology for 55+ home shoppers? CPS will be at IBS Orlando -- Booth W5583 in nextBUILD. Or, we'd love to hear from you via!

Friday, December 15, 2017

How to: Kick-up Your Holiday New Homes Selling Season!

The Thanksgiving-to-New Year holiday season is here -- and home builders may see a slow down in sales office traffic and sales activity during this period due to the holidays, weather, competing activities and the like.

Weather doesn't need to be an objection! doesn't have to be so!

While some home shoppers might drop out during the holidays, BuilderOnLine suggests that many shoppers find the season a good time to kick up their buying process.

Why? Take a look at the reasons and see how you can turn potential negatives into traffic and sales:
  • Yes; it's the holidays! It might seem counter-intuitive but...time away from work can mean time home shopping.  Take advantage of people visiting during the week and build on the season: add cookies, hot chocolate or even a special holiday options/upgrades program to encourage visits.
  • Frightful outside? Yes, it's true: the weather in Minnesota can be chilly during December really isn't that bad in many other states (and, might even be better than mid-summer in some locations!). Turn to the holidays and your locale for inspiration.  Hot apple cider makes any house seem like home! 
  • Are decorations necessary? You really don't have to take on a specific holiday or tradition; add some family-style photos (or adventure vacation shots depending on your demographic!) and festive bowls of lemons, limes and oranges for fragrance and atmosphere.  A fresh, new look and feel is contagious!
  • Doesn't 2018 means change? While some might be concerned about changes in 2018, others are energized.  Be prepared to talk about mortgage details, up ticks in home sales volume and any/every thing that's happening in your new community.  You can be the catalyst for thinking 2018 means exciting new adventures!
Now is the time to put your CRM system to the test, as well!  Send out a holiday appetizer invite to your co-op agents, zero in on those prospects interested in schools (those aren't changing!), deck your halls and encourage last summer's prospects to drop in on a (otherwise slow) Sunday for cookies and hot chocolate.

Need help finding a CRM system that can assist you in these efforts?  We're happy to show you how CPS CRM will make your holidays bright!