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Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day 2012: Join the Parade of Thanks!

Everyone loves a parade and what better reason to celebrate than thanking our military veterans for their service?

Sit back and enjoy these Veterans Day 2012 Parade photos from one small town here in the Sacramento region: join the youth organizations, adult service clubs, school bands, and residents as they honor veterans for their service.

Cub Scouts Remind Us
The Sikh Community
Girl Scouts Say Thanks!
And, all of us here at CPS remember and thank family members for their service:

Bob's father, Robert Musa Sr, US Marine Corps (retired)
Chris' father, Michael Lott, US Navy (retired)
Michelle's husband, Jerry Stone, US Navy
Sean's father, Chris Miyazaki, US Air Force (retired)
Troy's brother, John, serving today in the US Army
Zoe's father, Charles Miller, US Army and brother, Wilson Miller, US Army

Bob Strickland, one of CPS' founders, US Air Force.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Use Interactive to Address Top 10 Reasons for New Home Purchase!

Jay McKenzie recently wrote an article in New Home Source discussing why so many home buyers prefer new homes as compared to resale home purchases.  Even with the recent pick-up in new home sales, many areas of the country still have a backlog of resale homes available and sales agents need to be able to effectively manage the new home sales process vs. a resale (or even foreclosure/short sales) purchase.  You can read McKenzie's blog post here.

What do you think is the top reason for a new home decision?
SalesTouch: Facilitates Your Home Your Way Design!
 Hint: it isn't location!

McKenzie suggests Reason #1Design your Dream Home Your Way. Buyers are encouraged to think of their new home as reflecting their taste, not someone else's ideas, as models explore the latest trends and Design Centers offer a multitude of cabinet, countertop, appliance and flooring choices. 

Reason #2 isn't too far removed from #1, says McKenzie: Choose a Floorplan and Room Layout that Meets Your Needs.  Interested in a 4-bedroom with lower level master?  That's available in this new home floorplan! High ceilings but..concerned about energy costs? 

We've found use of a well-designed interactive touchscreen will help guide home shoppers through a community and effectively address Reason #1 and Reason #2.  CPS' SalesTouch allows consumers to view current floorplans and mix/match available structural options.  Help your buyer design their home -- complete with den in lieu of bedroom 3, optional bonus room and kitchen island complete with veggie sink and wine refrigerator! They're able to drag/drop selections, print a brochure featuring "their" floorplan -- even email a copy to the mother-in-law!

SalesTouch: Buyers & Agents Highlight Favorites!
And, builders utilize SalesTouch to effectively brand their company and products.  Offering energy-efficient homes?  Add a "builder story" video, energy calculator (even compare your floorplan to similarly sized resale home) or take buyers "behind the scenes" with "stage of construction" construction tours.

Help your buyer understand why your home meets their Top 10 needs!