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Monday, June 7, 2021

5 Ways QR Codes Help Homebuilders Level-up New Home Sales

 CPS QR Code Brochure for Homebuilders

Builders and Property Managers Embrace Technology

Homebuilders, who have done remarkably well despite external forces like a world pandemic and material costs (kudos!), are relying more and more on technology to level-up their new home sales efforts. As pandemic restrictions ease, a noticeable addition has emerged in the form of a black and white matrix barcode: the QR Code.

When scanned with a digital device such as a phone or tablet, these codes come to life, leading viewers to landing pages populated by video tours, photo galleries, location information and pricing details.

According to Statista, an estimated 11 million American households would scan a QR code in 2020, which was a marked increase from a previously estimated 9.76 million scans in 2018. The adoption of QR codes by businesses is now being met with equal acceptance from consumers. Digital device makers such as Apple and Samsung are including native QR code readers in their operating systems—confirming that QR codes are poised to explode.

The seemingly innocuous black and white squares are intelligently designed to not only store digital details for quick scan and link access, they deliver a number of additional benefits to homebuilders and their home shoppers.  

1. Easy Integration and Use

The generally held belief is that the addition of new technology is a benefit to business. However, if it isn’t user-friendly or intuitive for staff and customers to use, it won’t quickly be adopted. Luckily, QR codes require no training – just scan and go! And, it’s easy and inexpensive for builders to integrate the codes on their digital signage, websites and other marketing collateral.

2. Provide Immediacy and Convenience

CPS QR Code Interactive Brochure
Do you know that “QR” stands for “Quick Response”? Many people today complete the bulk of their research online and these “Quick Response” codes put the details they seek immediately at their fingertips! Interactive QR codes can be designed to easily link to specific websites, maps, amenities, floor plans and even showcase the greater community and proximity to desired locations such as parks, schools and hospitals.

3. Eco-friendly and Easily Modified

QR codes can be digitally modified and updated an infinite number of times without requiring a change to QR code graphics. This leads to reduced waste and need to re-print materials (sales brochures, business cards, signage) on which codes are included. Home shoppers get details right on their smart device that they can easily view or share at any time without having to find a piece of paper! Builders can also design QR codes with unique and creative colors and designs to align with their overall brand and to maintain seamless appearance, helping to bridge the gap between print and digital strategies.

4. Track and Capture Valuable Analytics

QR codes not only deliver information, they track valuable data. They can be coded to track location, obtain contact information, show repeat engagements and record real-time reactions, all of which can be compiled into reports that include where, when and with what device a code was scanned. QR codes can also be designed to capture contact information, resulting in a bank of leads for prospect follow-up and future engagement. To drive sales office traffic, QR codes can direct home shoppers to an online form to arrange site visits. Voila! Instant appointment.

5. Enhance Interactive Experiences

Dynamic QR codes offer suggestions, options, previews and help guide prospective buyers along their home shopping journey.

CPS QR Code Brochure on SalesTouch
The cornerstone of CPS’ suite of interactive solutions is SalesTouch, a powerful and dynamic sales and marketing presentation used both online and in sales and leasing offices across the country. To further enhance an already compelling experience, CPS has added the new QR Code Brochure which integrates directly onto the SalesTouch interactive kiosks. Home shoppers scan the unique QR code to get ‘whisked away’ to an interactive brochure—no touching required!

The brochures give visitors information at their fingertips including floor plan views & interactive options, as well as a community details page, a community site map with homesite availability and an included features list. They could also include links to other communities or properties to help with cross-selling efforts! To see how CPS’ QR Code Brochure has been integrated in a real-world scenario, click this link which will transport you to a Dan Ryan Builders’ DRB Coastal community.

For over 35 years, Computer Presentation Systems (CPS) has helped shape how homebuilders and property managers avail modern technology to simplify and improve everyday tasks and elevate overall experiences. QR codes are one of the latest contactless technology integrations adding another level of convenience to user experiences—while keeping germs at bay.

Home shopping continues to scale in intensity as the summer months near and as we emerge from our shared pandemic slumber. Prospective buyers are on the hunt for new places to set roots and any edge homebuilders can provide ultimately eases burdens associated with home shopping. QR codes offer visually engaging and information-filled experiences that leverage new technology enhancements that have become native to the most used digital devices!

How are you engaging home shoppers with technology? If you’re a homebuilder or property manager interested in leveling-up your new home sales or leasing efforts, contact CPS to learn how our suite of interactive solutions can help!

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