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Friday, October 23, 2020

Why Builders Should Maximize Post-Sale Customer Service


A homebuyer’s journey continues long after the sale closes.

In a year like 2020 where everyone is thrust into uncertainty and ever-changing events, people crave sustainability. Longevity. Something that will endure. For larger investments like a new home, builders often believe the product alone will provide long-standing satisfaction. But it’s important to understand that the best service provided to customers doesn’t end when the sale is final.

We believe in the power of every customer’s journey. In many cases, that journey concludes at the close of a sale. Home ownership is a different story. The signing of a new home is the start of a new phase in the buyer-seller relationship. Warranties are one of the only ways builders maintain a relationship with homeowners post-sale, but the process of navigating warranties can leave homeowners feeling helpless and builders feeling stressed. This is one of the many reasons why we created WarrantyWatcher – a cloud-based software with 24/7 access for builders and homeowners that streamlines new home warranties and customer service requests.

Homebuyers could be your best brand ambassadors for future sales!

Maintaining post-sale communication with homebuyers is critical for builders. Responsive customer service not only increases repeat business by 60 to 70 percent, it helps expand the probability for referrals as well. When customers have a positive experience, they are likely to spread that experience via word of mouth to an average of six people. It’s long been known that the cost of retaining customers is far less than the cost of acquiring new ones, so when customer service makes a positive impact, your existing customers become your best brand ambassadors for future sales!

WarrantyWatcher is our way of making post-sale customer service simpler for homebuilders. Once in the portal, homeowners can easily submit and view the status of their work requests, and all work orders are tracked from end to end with full transparency. Vendors are also able to access the portal at any time, helping them get to work quickly and efficiently. WarrantyWatcher allows documents, photos and files of any type to be submitted as needed. Simply put, it’s an easy-to-use system that makes homeowners more confident in their purchase, keeping them happy for the long haul.   

Builders benefit from a modern, reliable and durable new home warranty solution.

We introduce WarrantyWatcher to builders that want to give homeowners a modern, reliable and durable solution for managing their new home warranty. No more drafting e-mails and leaving voicemails, no more playing phone tag – everything is managed through the WarrantyWatcher portal and accessible via computer, tablet and smartphone. The user-friendly software keeps homeowners satisfied, which continues to amplify the selling power of the builder. Even emergencies that are traditionally taxing to manage can be tracked and handled in real-time through WarrantyWatcher.

Learn more in our video:

Homeowners are smart. They know when customer service quality is outstanding or poor. Offering a warranty is important, but helping customers understand how to benefit from their warranty is pivotal. WarrantyWatcher will eliminate concerns or tensions you’ve dealt with in the past related to the warranty process. Customers will feel like their warranty means something, versus just being an add-on that they struggle to understand in the overall picture.

When you enhance post-sale customer service with WarrantyWatcher, you’ll notice how much of a difference it makes with existing and future homeowners – and your bottom line. The warranty experience you provide to one homeowner could result in your next sale with a new customer!

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