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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Smaller Builder Part 2: Take Advantage of Knowing Your Ground

BuilderOnLine Talks About How Smaller Builders Can Prosper

Frank Anton had another great BuilderOnLine article talking about smaller builders; you can read it here.
Gear Up Your CRM Reach!

His theme: many smaller builders survived the downturn, they've prospered and can continue to do so.

But, Anton suggests, there are 3 keys to ongoing success and smaller builders should  sharpen their focus on these critical items. Our last Solutions Blog talked about #1: Actionable Customer Service.

Maximize Being at Ground Zero!

Anton reminds: Remember that knowing the ground is a decisive factor not only in warfare but in homebuilding, as well.

Are there actionable possibilities, here, as well?  There are many but we'll focus on sales team actionables to start:
  • Gear-up your CRM software with a focus on local co-op agents: Get creative, make a Taco Tuesday event in the sales center and raffle off a Margarita basket! Co-op agents in many areas are responsible for over 50% of sales traffic.
  • Fine-tune your local agent reach: We've talked about demographically-focused agents (see an earlier Blog) -- they develop groups of interested home shoppers that are always available. Try tapping into several of those groups.
  • Keep up your reminder emails: There's a tendency to think: well, I emailed those home shoppers already...what else can I do? IBS2019 speakers reminded us (and there's plenty of articles about this, as well): one time isn't enough! Two or three aren't either! Develop a set of focused emails and create a campaign for ongoing interaction.

Market Your Ground!

Your Team is on the ground: highlight what they know!
One thing we've learned in the 10 years of providing interactive touchscreen kiosks: home shoppers want to know more about the location! 

CPS SalesTouch provides an engaging way to tell your geographic story and we encourage builders to include items that go beyond the basics: the local craft store, interesting museum, fun restaurant.

Go the extra step and suggest a popular appetizer (one client highlighted a Gotta Try: for each restaurant!) or highlight what makes a particular recreation location appealing (is it the great fishing, the sandy beach or terrific mounting bike trails?).

Reach out and let your home shopper know what's particularly interesting around your community because your team is on the ground and knows it! Your team knows the area so they're able to highlight the local restaurants, unique shopping spots, great recreation areas..everything that helps your community stand out!

Remember: home shopping can be stressful because of the fear of the unknown.  You're building a good product and you want your buyers to know that you care about them. Let your local, on the ground, knowledge help mitigate the stress!

Interested in finding out how you can put some of these CRM and touchscreen kiosk actionables to work for you? Contact us to schedule a one-on-one demo so we can show you!

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