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Friday, March 8, 2019

Builders: Smaller in size? Add Focus to Actionable Customer Service

Smaller Means You Can Be More Nimble

Recently, there's a great Frank Anton article in Builderonline: Three Ways Small Home Builders Can Be Big Winners --  it's worth reviewing; you can read it here.

Anton notes he's "big" on stats & trends -- and in the 45 years he's been around the the housing business, he's usually been on the right side of predictions.  One he missed: how large the "majors" would become.

But, he says, smaller builders and those in smaller markets are in a great position. They're not occupying the same "space" as the NYSE builders.

Smaller Allows You to Focus on Personalized Customer Service

Anton suggests smaller builders have an opportunity but.. they need to focus on key metrics and one of the most critical is customer service. And, to be honest, it is one of the most controllable!

He goes a step further and suggests thinking of the process as concierge service!

SST is a Preference for Many

SST (that's Self Service Technology) provides smaller builders with a manageable way to connect with home shoppers and buyers -- and the price tag is reasonable!

Self-service hasn't always had the best of reputations. However,  attitudes, preferences and expectations change quickly. One reason is changing demographics; another is technology.

Self-service is one of those quickly evolving expectations.  Today, self-service is not only a solution but a preference for many -- regardless of age. 

Use SST as Your Concierge

What? How can SST (that's self service, isn't it??) provide concierge-level service to home shoppers and buyers? 

Your customers want fast and concise information. Communication doesn't have to mean conversation! They're also interested in information that's tailored to their specific situation: that's personalization! It adds up to a level of customer service that's actionable and personable.

Take advantage of technology to facilitate delivery of the types of information that will make your customers feel your attention!

SST Delivers Information Quickly, Concisely and When Requested

What sorts of personalized information can technology provide in this concierge service idea? Here are a couple to consider:
  • Online, real-time sitemaps - Let your home shoppers know the details as to what's available; over 90% are going online so why not provide key info from the get go?
  • Construction status updates - How about using your construction software's Portal to deliver weekly "stage of construction" photos?
  • Stage of the sale updates - Use your CRM system to deliver automated emails letting your buyers know where they are in your 10-point buying cycle
  • Focused Warranty reminders - Setup a schedule using your warranty software for automated email reminders: Fall gutter cleaning, Holiday light tips, Spring lawn advice, Summer air conditioning advice are just a few examples. You might be sending them to multiple individuals but they're offering specific, actionable information that your homebuyers can put to use.

Remember: Referrals are the Most Cost-Effective Source of Traffic

Happy home shoppers and buyers will have you "top of mind" when talking about their home shopping experience!

Interested in finding out more about technology options facilitating this type of concierge service? CPS can help you; contact us to schedule a one-on-one demo and what your customer satisfaction and  referral rate grow!

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