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Friday, April 26, 2019

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

What's a Value-Unique Customer Experience?

Do you recall one of our Blogs regarding Value-Unique customer experiences? You can read it here.

Creating an environment to visualize the future!
Those experiences are when customers get more from their purchase and process than they expected and it's unique and innovative. When people encounter a value-unique experience, they're super enthused and want to talk and Tweet about it!

You not only have a happy customer but one that's actively engaged in marketing for you!

Designing for Exceptional Customer Experiences

How can you provide value-unique? Joe Schultz, VP Sales, Harbor Retail, recently provided some interesting thoughts regarding delivering exceptional customer experiences. Key, he says, is thinking about items that enhance selling probability.

It's more than product and not necessarily your sales team, in other words, although those could be critical drivers. What does success look like? Are you trying to educate, show off your latest design, provide product differentiation? Analyze your objectives: once they're clear, you're able to create an environment that makes success possible

Consider Customer Experience Strategies

Take a look at the photo above: aren't those home shoppers engaged in evaluating what the homebuilder is offering? In addition, don't they look comfortable?  Don't they look like they'd be happy spending time finding out more about this product?

Schultz suggests several items to consider when developing a customer experience strategy. We'll focus on two:

(1) See your space from a customer's perspective.

The interactive touchscreen kiosk that's part of the builder's customer experience center is accessible and easy to navigate -- even when there are 3 people present! We frequently say it's encouraging home shoppers to cozy up and find out more! 

(2) Give your customers a glimpse of the future.

CPS' interactive system, SalesTouch, gives home shoppers an easy-to-use way to visualize their new home with interactive floorplans and drag 'n drop furniture. 

In other words, the floorplan is no longer a brochure or an image on the wall: home shoppers are able to mix 'n match structural options (den in lieu of bedroom 3, expanded kitchen island, covered lanai) and then drag furniture into their created space.  They're able to visualize how this floorplan will live; it's become "their" home, in other words!

Interested in finding out how you can create value-unique homes shopping experiences? We'd love to give you a one-on-one demo; let us know a convenient time here!

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