Thursday, June 15, 2017

Harness the Power of Images in Your Sales Center

An interesting 1-minute Tuesday Tip from Brian Flook showed up in the Inbox today: Did you know that the power of images is increasing?

SalesTouch: Powerful images provide a visual cue to explore
Flook asked that question and answered: Images matter!  He goes on to note that real estate listings with 25+ images sell faster than those with only 10 photos.

Here at CPS we've long believed engaging home shoppers starts the moment they enter the sales office with SalesTouch, our interactive touchscreen system.  It doesn't just happen, of course! There needs to be a visual cue to invite the prospect to explore.

Visual cues not only invite attention; they encourage the visitor to engage and obtain more information! Whatever their reason for considering a purchase -- larger home, neighborhood, on-site amenities -- powerful imagery motivates movement.
Dynamic images engage home shoppers and encourage action

Take a look at Bella Collina -- elegant, Italian, scenic images along with copy about The Club, Golf Course and the Spirit of Tuscany.  You can imagine luxuriating in the Spa. What's the next step? Start touching to find out!

Compare Ramblewood Forest's imagery: luxury, large homes for family, a new neighborhood. Equally inviting; the same question arises as to how to find out more? The next step isn't unknown: start touching to find out!

Flook suggests: powerful photography clinches the deal -- long before any copy, no matter how well written!

We'd be happy to talk with your about how a SalesTouch presentation can engage and motivate your home shoppers!

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