Monday, January 15, 2018

Kick-up the Customer Experience in Your New Homes Sales Offices!

Over the last quarter, this Blog has focused on several consistent new homes-related themes: the emergence of Millennials as homebuyers, the impact of 55+ buyers on new home design, features and marketing, and the role of customer service as a referral driver.

SalesTouch lets 55+ shoppers dream and make it their own!
Have you been considering these topics and wondering how can my organization take these themes to boost our customer experience in a meaningful way in 2018?

A recent RetailCustomerExperience article by FullStory's co-founder, Scott Voigt, suggests, "You can win (sales) on customer experience." and summarizes, "Excellent customer experience can largely be distilled in two words, speed and convenience."

Voigt goes on to say, "The easier and quicker customers can find what they're looking for and get their questions resolved, the higher the conversion and the more loyalty you'll likely engender. And, loyalty means return customers" (as well as referrals!).
SalesTouch meets the Millennial shopper with focused and relatable content!

Here at CPS, we often say that home shoppers are no different than shoppers in other locations: they want information, quickly, and they're comfortable shopping via touch.

Take a look at the images presented from SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentations. The 55+ buyer is actively engaged, trying out floorplans, dragging and dropping furniture into her dream home! The Millennial home buyer is presented with focused content and relatable images describing offered energy savings -- an item Millennials frequently cite as important to their buying process.

Voigt finishes, "The customer experience you offer is the single biggest way to compete."

We'd be thrilled to discuss how you can make 2018 the Year of Customer Experience -- contact us via our Info link!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Builders: Referrals Can Be Your Least Expensive Source of Traffic!

Have you been asked to increase your referral rate -- and not quite sure where to start?

Any chance you saw our Solutions BlogHomebuilder #1 Referral Driver: Keeping Buyers Informed? You can read it here.
You Don't Need Conversation -- Just Communication!

Not surprisingly, that Blog is one of our most read posts as it kicks-off with Eliant CEO Bob Mirman's Builder and Developer article comments:  the single largest referral driver for homebuilders is how well the builder keeps buyers informed regarding the status of construction. 

Mirman suggests: think of the homebuying process as similar to a hospital stay.  Both are stressful -- yet, the stress can be mitigated by information.  No one, in other words, likes to be in the dark.  And, in today's social media connected world, bad experiences can be broadcast all too easily.

The same applies to good experiences, suggests Mirman in the June 2017 Builder and Developer. He notes the #1 driver of buyers' Willingess to Refer a Friend is the ability to keep them informed of their status.

Importantly, Mirman notes, you don't need conversation -- just communication.  CPS' software Portals take information developed by Field Collaborate's construction users and WarrantyWatcher's customer service teams and make it available to buyers and home owners via the Internet.  No additional work required: the construction schedule is available for buyers to view. Warranty requests, status and appointments can be seen, as well, via mobile or desktop. In both cases, 24/7, anywhere/anytime!

Want to take things up a notch, become more user friendly? Go the extra step and take stage-of-construction photos and attach them to construction milestones. Add post-repair photos so your homeowner knows how things look before getting home after work.  After all, your buyers have Portal access 24/7 so they're up-to-speed as the work is completed!

Referrals can be your least expensive source of traffic -- and the most rewarding.  Communication is a win-win as your team communicates results within the organization -- and  easily viewable by your most important audience, your buyers.

Attending IBS2018 in Orlando?  CPS will be in Booth 5583 and we'd love to show you how FieldCollaborate and WarrantyWatcher can help your organization not only have more efficient processes but generate referrals based on your improved communication!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Harness the Power of Images in Your Sales and Leasing Centers

Do you receive those 1-minute Tuesday Tips from Brian Flook? Saw an interesting one recently: Did you know that the power of images is increasing?

SalesTouch: Powerful images provide a visual cue to explore
Flook asked that question and replied: Yes; images matter!  He goes on to note that real estate listings with 25+ images sell faster than those with only 10 photos.

Here at CPS we've long believed engaging home shoppers starts the moment they enter the sales office with SalesTouch, our interactive touchscreen system.  It doesn't just happen, of course! There needs to be a visual cue to invite the prospect to explore.

Visual cues not only invite attention, they encourage the visitor to engage and obtain more information! Whatever their reason for considering a purchase -- larger home, neighborhood, on-site amenities -- powerful imagery motivates movement.
Dynamic images engage home shoppers, encourage exploration

Take a look at Bella Collina:  elegant, Italian, scenic images along with copy about The Club, Golf Course and the Spirit of Tuscany.  You can imagine luxuriating in the Spa. What's the next step? Start touching to find out!

Compare Ramblewood Forest's imagery: luxury, large homes for family, a new neighborhood. Equally inviting, the same question arises, "how to find out more?" The next step isn't unknown: start touching to find out!

Flook suggests: storytelling via images clinches the deal -- long before any copy, no matter how well written!

Attending #IBSOrlando? CPS will be storytelling at Booth W5583 with SalesTouch, our interactive touchscreen system, and Social Media Wall!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

When Thinking About Digital Walls: Go BIG!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

That's a well-known Will Rogers saying and in a recent DigitalSignageToday article Debbie Wilson-Dewitt suggests it makes sense to apply it to digital walls, as well.  She says these walls are intended to create a strong impression.

Since the walls are typically placed in an entry area they're designed to make that first impression as lasting as possible and, for that, you need to go BIG or go home!

Social Media Wall at Wendell Falls
Social Media Wall at Wendell Falls
CPS offers Social Media Wall-- a unique, ever-changing combination of social media content and traditional marketing copy. Many of these walls have gone big and provide a terrific entrance focal point at new home information centers. 

Apart from size, what else needs to be considered when thinking about an effective wall?
  • Size matters, initially; content keeps people looking. 
  • Walls can greet as well as provide information.
  • Use walls to communicate and reinforce branding. 
  • Answer questions through wall content and images; it keeps people engaged, longer.
  • Be sure the wall is designed for your audience.
Walls, says Wilson-Dewitt, are an incredible value-add and any kind of organization can benefit from them.

Heading to Orlando for IBS 2018? Visit CPS in Booth W5583 and let us help you imagine how this dynamic communications tool can leverage your social media content and create conversations!  

Friday, January 5, 2018

Builders: Grab Millennial Interest with Pet-Friendly Interactives!

Have you heard results from the recent SunTrust Mortgage survey: 33% of Millennials purchased their new home to have more room (i.e., better space or a yard) for a dog?

Mary Cook's noted in a recemt Builder Developer, that Millennials are finally ready to move out of their parents' home and find their own. They're particularly interested in community, walkable neighborhoods, flexible floor plans and green features.
SalesTouch Highlights Your Pet-Friendly Initiatives!

Did you know a recent Builder article suggested: it's a smart bet to include pet-friendly features -- and to actively market them, as well.  

Take a look at the CPS SalesTouch presentation highlighting Hounds Hollow at the Tehaleh masterplan community in Washington. It's a key feature associated with the Parks & Trails portion of their interactive neighborhood exploration.

How would you feel, as a pet-owner, if you were shopping for a home at this new home community? Welcome, encouraged, confident you'd find other pet owners!

Lots of people have highlighted what Millennials are considering when looking for a home -- and, of course, square footage, location and amenities are factors. One jumps out that you might not have considered: Millennials love their dogs! And, pets are a key component in the home shopping decision!

Engage these home shoppers as soon as they enter your sales office with an interactive touchscreen presentation! They want to explore how your homes meet their lifestyle expectations -- and what better way than offering interactive floorplans with drag n' drop furniture that offers design opportunities at their fingertips? And, you have a great opportunity to introduce your pet features, as well!

CPS will be at featuring SalesTouch at the upcoming #IBS2018 in Orlando -- we're in Booth W5583.  Stop by and we can talk about how you can enhance your home shopper experience!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Builders: Get Proactive, Increase Referrals with Mobile Customer Experience Moments!

Let's take an earlier Solutions Blog: How to Improve Your "Refer a Friend" Rate (read it here) with Eliant's Bob Mirman thoughts regarding the referral impact associated with keeping customers informed - and add Full Story's Scott Voight's thoughts, "You can win on customer experience" and "Excellent customer service can largely be distilled in two words, speed and convenience."  

Have you adopted  "proactive customer service" -- that is, not waiting for an event to offer specific, customer-focused attention.
Get Mobile and Create Proactive Customer Service moments!

A recent Innovative Retail Technologies article sparked a new thought: the value of mobile relative to proactive

There's a "First Dibs Opportunity" study suggesting 46% of mobile usage sessions start with no real aim! Author Christine Kern also mentions 70% of respondents use their mobile devices to "kill time." 

The study concludes "if smart phones were smart, they'd do a better job of giving us something useful!"

Software can help builders turn mobile time into proactive customer service moments! Your homebuyers can grab a minute or two, while waiting in line at the store, to check out stage of construction photos. And, can't you see your buyer getting excited to see a just-installed countertop and turning to the next shopper and saying, "Check this out! My new home's kitchen was just finished!"

That's a refer a friend moment! Or, how about the impact of a homeowner browsing their warranty service requests while getting a hair cut and seeing a completed request with a photo?  Wouldn't that be a "Wow! My builder is on top of things!" moment?

CPS' FieldCollaborate and WarrantyWatcher Portals can help you easily create these proactive customer service events -- and do it quickly and conveniently. Customer experience will improve and your referral rate will jump!

CPS will be exhibiting at #IBSOrlando next week -- drop by for a demo at Booth W5583.  Or, contact us at and we'll schedule a demo for you!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Marketing Ideas: Highlighting Aging-in-Place Elements for 55+ Buyers

We noted, in a recent Solutions Blog, that today's home buying population includes three distinct demographics: Millennials, Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers.

And, we talked about the challenge for today's sales and marketing professionals: how to incorporate the shifts in economics, demographics and technologies into a meaningful sales office experience.
SalesTouch puts technology to work to suggest new life patterns!

Today's 55+ Boomer buyer is particularly interested in considering how their new home will offer quality aging-in-place.

In a sense, builders are evaluating and incorporating ways that design elements can change the pattern of life for homeowners -- thus helping homeowners live in their home longer.

What sort of design elements should be considered? Bonnie Lewis, founder of 55+ TLC Interior Design, LLC, notes in a recent 50plusbuilder article, "Key elements include creating open space..." She goes on to mention the importance of finishes, counters/countertops and overall planning for wider entries and more spacious rooms.

Lewis also mentions that furniture is a key element (both planning and type). 

Why not incorporate the importance of considering these design elements into your sales/marketing process with an interactive touchscreen system.  CPS' SalesTouch allows home shoppers to explore available floor plans, encourages them to evaluate structural choices (maybe the den option with double doors?) and try out new furniture configuration ideas with drag 'n drop furniture selection and placement.

Put technology to work and offer the sort of meaningful sales office experience your Boomer buyers want as part of their homebuying process!