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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Homebuilder CRM Top Performer Tips

Top Sales Performers Are Frequently Top CRM Users

A local Northern CA homebuilder's top sales performer (he's retired now; let's call him Jack for this Blog) was probably the single best sales agent user of CPS CRM.

Jack certainly knew how to work with home shoppers, using CPS CRM loan information to discuss financial alternatives to facilitate the home purchase and taking advantage of the one-stop Contract Wizard to quickly generate purchase agreement documents.

Consider CRM Database as "Your Team"

But, the reason we're suggesting he was the "best user" was his persistence with follow-up.  Because Jack sold homes for about 10-years, he built-up a considerable CRM database of home shoppers and buyers.

Jack kept in touch with what he called "his team" -- sending announcements of new releases to home shoppers and new communities to previous buyers.

He went the extra step to make sure his data was useful so he could send out "Happy Home Anniversary" messages based on their Close of Escrow date. There were no doubt other personalized emails celebrating birthdays, children, college graduations and the like!

Of course, Jack used the "system" to auto-generate all of this followup; he created templates for his followup activities and relied on CPS CRM to keep in touch with his team.

Consistent CRM Use = Top of Mind and Consistent Referrals

The result? Jack was "top of mind" for anyone on his team thinking about a new home -- and he was the recipient of many referrals as friends and relatives started their home buying journey.

Recently, Jeff Shore completed a new sales training series; his latest is Prospecting for the Long Haul (always informative; watch it here). His message: top performers work the small things over and over.  

Ryan Taft is a sales trainer on Jeff's team; he has a great Blog and recently included 3 tips reinforcing the small and consistent message:
  1. Do it!
  2. Personalize the Heck Out of It!
  3. Be Consistent!
Didn't Jack take those tips to heart and play them out, every day? He took the tools provided to him in CPS CRM and was persistent! As Jeff mentions in his Prospecting session, it's the small things that, when practiced daily, generate results.

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